Redwood City Test Only STAR Smog Center
     SPECIAL OFFER        $41.70+$8.25 = $49.95  TOTAL      Call Toll Free: 1-  866 -  682-2047

Pass or one free re-test          Expires 7/7/2015      we smog all car & trucks



Sports car - Come to us for state-certified exhaust smog and emissions testing.    

                   323 woodside road,redwood city ca,94061

          Smog check at Redwood city

               At Redwood City  smog test only we check all types of cars,to make sure

           your car is under the state mandated limits for smog check ,come by today and

         get honest testing for low prices at State certified STAR smog and emissions testing.    

                                       We Smog All type Cars &   HYBRID 

               -Star smog check       -Test only directed        -Change of ownership

               -Gross polluters          -Smog check                 -Diesel smog check

                -Out of State vehicles  -Regular smog check



                               Take 15 minutes,Walk ins are welcome

RWC STAR TEST ONLY expires: 7/7/2015




323 woodside road,redwood city,94061

We accept This Coupon for all car and truck

1980 and up only

Regular price is $79.95

Must Present Coupon

At Time Of Testing


pass or

free re-test

with in 30 days



hidden fee





                       We accept this coupon for all cars and models from

                                                1980 to 2014

                               Gasoline,Disele and Hybrid 

                       Must print or present coupon at time of smog check

                         NO Appointmet necessary two lines are open for 

                                                                              smog check

                                          Operation hours  Monday to Friday  9.00am to 5.00pm 

                                                       Saturday     9.00am to 4.00pm

                                                         Sunday    10.00am to 4.00pm ......must call if we are open

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